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  • Slowing down

    Last August. That is the last time I updated my personal blog. And it totally doesn't surprise me. When we got back from our east coast trip Bowie basically went from walking to sprinting and school started back up for Ripley and Phoenix (not to mention I entered my busiest season ever with The Leo Loves). Somebody stepped on the pedal and life got FAST! 

    Now that the school year is winding down and baseball is (sort of) coming to a close, I'm feeling desperate for a slower pace. I know we will always have a lot going on with 3 kids, but I'm ready to block off full days (weeks?!) where we have no appointments and no plans. I want days where we can just relax see where life takes us. I want a slow summer. 

    In the spirit of trying for a slower pace, I decided to start shooting film again for the first time in over a decade. I've been admiring the work of film photographers for most of my life, but I never thought I could be any good at it. But I've decided that's a horrible reason to avoid giving it a try! Even just with these first two rolls, I can see how film forces me to slow down and really think about why and how I want to photograph something or someone. I have to wait for the right moment, and then I have to wait for at least a week to see how it turns out. The first scans revealed a bunch of misfires and "what was I thinking?!" moments, but I think there were some wins in here as well. I don't see perfection, but I see possibilty. No matter what, I always want to keep learning and improving in all areas of my life. If shooting film helps me take my time, live with more intention, and hopefully see the world in a new way, then I am all for it! At the very least I'll have more photos of these kids that I love so much.  

    Here are a handful of frames from my first 2 rolls of film. All shot on a Canon EOS-3 with Kodak Portra 400 film, processed and scanned by the FIND Lab.