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  • Phoenix in the Middle

    Guys, I need to confess a really big mommy faux pas. 

    This morning I was scrolling through old personal posts, getting ready to do Bowie's 8 month update, when I realized that I have done the exact thing I swore I would not do. 

    I have totally neglected my middle child. Luckily only on this blog. But still. *sigh*

    Between all of Ripley's appointments for his cochlear implant and all of Bowie's demands just because he's a baby, Phoenix has completely flown under the radar. He has been self-sufficient...taking care of most of his own needs. In one sense this makes me super proud, but I can't help feeling guilty about it, too. 

    So let me take a few moments to tell you about my totally awesome, fiercely independent, and unbelievably energetic middle son :) 

    Phoenix is only 7 years old, and most people find that hard to believe. He is big and strong, he is brilliant, and he is happiest running around with kids older than him. In fact, this year he played minors baseball with Ripley (and kids 2-4 years older than him) and completely held his own. He was hitting the cover off the ball from the very first it was no big deal! He is also doing great in school and for the most part he is such a helper with his baby brother. He will always be the kid to make the biggest mess or knock something over because he is moving a million miles per hour at all times, but we have come to love and expect that from him. And really, who cares about a few extra minutes of cleaning every day when you get to to have such a great kid? He is so worth it! 

    Photos of Phoenix taken at my new studio. Lot's of fun news to share about that! Stay tuned...

  • 7 months.

    Oh this delicious baby. So much big personality in such a little guy!

    Here's what's happening with Bowie now: 

    He's finally growing some hair! He has the cutest little blonde swirls on his crown :)

    We've been offering him more solid food. His favorites are sweet potatoes and bananas.

    If he was crawling before, he's sprint race crawling now. And we're racing to babyproof this death trap of a home we live in. At least that's what it feels like!

    He has also taken to licking everything. And by everything I mean everything. Like the cat, and the walls, and and and...

    All of the sudden he is babbling like crazy! One day it was just shrieks and grunts, the next it was mommomomombabababababadadadadadadada. We all love this. He has an adorable little voice :)

    And finally he has started doing this sheepish little cuddly thing when he gets shy with strangers...putting his head on my chest and squeezing into me. It's my favorite. Gah!!! I love him!