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  • Activation Day.

    I'm going to be super honest. I'm totally overwhelmed right now. We were out late last night celebrating a big baseball playoff win with the boys' little league team (Go Wolfpack!) and Ripley's appointment this morning was early. We were in a rush and I just barely remembered to grab my camera. When the time came for them to actually turn on the implant I grabbed Darrel's phone from him and started shooting, I didn't even think. In retrospect I wish I would've taken this with my camera (or at least oriented the video as landscape so it would fill up the frame!), but the content is priceless and that is all that matters. This was more than we dared to hope for at the first mapping session. Ripley is so happy and excited! He was an absolute rock star!! I think the smiles here speak volumes. We are all thrilled. THRILLED! WOOHOO!!!!!

    I have a million thank you's to dish out, but for now I'm going to just let this all sink in and enjoy the moment. More photos and thoughts on the experience to come...

    If you missed the post about his surgery and want to check it out, you can find that HERE.

    (YouTube link added for mobile users...I'm clearly an online video novice!)