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  • A Good Man.

    Yesterday was a completely normal, yet exceptionally fun day in our lives. The big boys had an awesome baseball game (they play on the same team this year and Darrel coaches them), while Bowie and I got to hang out and cheer with friends on the sidelines. It was a warm day so when we came home all we really felt like doing was lounging around with no agenda... 

    I've been trying to make a point of taking more photos during the "quiet" moments at home. Last night when I was looking through the few shots I got, I was overwhelmed with a wave of love and pride. There are hundreds of little moments like this every day in our family...this is nothing out of the ordinary. But look at this man and his baby. Look at this man and his sons. He gives us all so much, and then he gives a little more. Even as I write this he has Phoenix and the baby out for a walk and he will bring me back coffee. Not because I asked, but because that's just what he does. It's who he is. 

    When life inevitably feels chaotic and out of control again (as it does here and there), I'm going to look back on these photos, read these words, and take comfort in the fact that I have a beautiful, imperfect life and a really good man to share it with. And for that I will always feel grateful.