meet erin

photo by Shaw Photography Co.

:: About The Leo :: 

:: Hello! I'm Erin Brant. That's me up there with my wild + fun boys :) As you may have guessed, I'm a Leo. I'm also a photographer. And many other things, too. If this were a resume I'd say I'm multifaceted. A woman of many interests. But we'll get to that in just a moment...

:: If you're looking for perfect family photos (meticulously coordinated outfits, everyone lined up smiling directly into the camera), you've probably come to wrong place. If you're looking to have a really good time and make photos that show your real love and real life...I just might be the photographer for you!! 

:: I photograph fun and adventurous people (bravely venturing into parenthood totally counts!) and I specialize in kids and families. Being that I'm a mom of three energetic boys, that's the season of life that I'm particularly in love with right now. You could say I'm fluent in the language of beautiful chaos <3

:: I turn stories, laughter and everyday adventures into beautiful photographs. I create happiness for your screens and art for your walls! I see the magic in your life and I stop time so you can hold the wonder of today in your hands forever. I'm a keen observer, preservationist + guardian of your memories and it's pretty darn awesome! 

:: I'm on a mission to help people love their lives and I aspire to put more positivity into the world. I'm a natural nurturer. My tools are my words and my photographs. Smiling and hugging goes a long way, too :)

:: The Leo Loves is where I share stories, photographs, inspiration and beauty...and the million other things that I love. The Leo Loves family, The Leo Loves adventure, The Leo Loves love...

:: Welcome to my world. I'm so glad you're here! 

You can follow along with my personal adventures at The Leo Loves Lifeblog :)